Swedish Torches

You'll love the versatility and fun of Everett's Torches.

Whether lining the walk to welcome guests or tabletop marshmallow roasting, these torches are the best!

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Fire up the Fun!

A Swedish Torch (also known as a One Log Fire, Swedish Candle, or Canadian Candle) is created from a single piece of Douglas Fir which burns from the inside out. They are mesmerizing to watch because the flame burns out through the top of the wood and then slowly burns through the sides leaving glowing embers. 

Everett Steven, High Schooler / Entrepreneur

Everett Steven, High Schooler / Entrepreneur

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Easy to Light

Simply light the wick and wait about 5 minutes for the flame to start coming out the top. 

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Tabletop S'mores!

Light your Swedish Torch and sit around the table for a fun and tasty dessert! B.Y.O. roasting stick :)

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Mesmerizing to Watch

As the torch burns from the inside out, the glowing woodgrain is visible through the side.


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Learn About the Torches

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