Our most frequently asked questions

How long do Swedish Torches burn for?
Our 200mm torches will flame-burn for in excess of 2 hours, with plenty of residual heat thereafter. For the torches to completely extinguish, allow 5-6 hours.

How tall are they?
Our Swedish Torches are 320mm in height.

Do you create different size torches?
At the moment we supply 320mm cut length Swedish Torches – but we’re always happy to provide a quotation for bespoke orders!

How are the torches delivered?
Our Swedish Torches are delivered boxed via UK Mail.

What’s the weight of a Swedish Torch?
A typical 320mm length / 200mm diamater Swedish Torch weighs in at around 5-6kg.

How do you light the torches?
Lighting your Swedish Torch is very simple. We recommend using standard firelighters available in any supermarket or DIY store. Simply break one firelighter brick into small pieces, making sure the pieces are small enough to fall to the bottom of the centre hole.

Before dropping the firelighter pieces into the centre hole, place them on the top edge of the log - to the side of the centre hole - and ignite them with a lighter or match (extra-long Cooks’ Matches are good for both lighting and pushing the firelighters). When the firelighter pieces have been burning fully for 15-20 seconds, simply push them into the hole in the centre of the torch.

Do they leave a mess?
Debris will fall to the side of the Swedish Torch as it nears burn completion. If you place your Swedish Torch on grass, we recommend placing it on a non-heat-conductive material, such as a slab of stone; or simply sprinkle a little building sand around the base of the Swedish Torch and that should protect the surface below.

What happens if the flame goes out and it hasn't completely burnt?
Weather conditions can sometimes cause this – and if it happens in the early lighting stages, the easiest way to get the flame up and roaring again is simply to blow air through the side vents at the core of the Swedish Torch. This will re-ignite the flames.

Do Swedish Torches produce much smoke?
Smoke can occur early on in the burning process, until the inner wood core has caught fire. Smoke usually reduces within 10 minutes of lighting.

If we live locally, can we come and collect our Swedish Torches?
Yes of course! Please view our contact page for opening hours.